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How Can Telehealth Services Help You?

Are you interested in learning more about how to nourish and care for your body while

managing health issues you may have? Here at Collaborative Kidney Care, we utilize technology to help people connect with us in their own comfortable surroundings. Our focus is on you! We respect and appreciate the value of your time as well as your safety. Telehealth eliminates the cost and time spent traveling while reducing your risk of being exposed to potentially infectious people found in a medical office. Our virtual approach is designed to reduce any stressors that may prevent you from choosing optimal health.

Our practitioners focus on identifying your unique needs. We pride ourselves

on our integrity and utilize an electronic health record to keep your information protected

while allowing you access to contact us as needed. Embracing the concept of personalized care we eliminate standardized diets in favor of personalized nutrition plans, designed to help you succeed. Understanding that life events can positively or negatively affect your health we reflect on your past, and present health and wellness to positively influence your future nutrition health. We are available every step of the way to help keep you on track. All of our practitioners are Health At Every Size (HAES) aligned, and we use those ideals throughout our treatment recommendations and process. We will never treat anyone differently based on the space that their body occupies.

By meeting with us you will gain a deeper understanding of your own self and pathophysiology of disease. You will understand the reasoning behind why certain diet or lifestyle modifications are being implemented. We believe knowledge is power and communication is key to making sustainable changes in your everyday life. We partner with you on this journey, providing tools to support you throughout the process while you learn to apply them on your own securing your future success.

We currently have openings available if you are interested in joining us for an initial session. We accept most major insurances and accept private pay if your insurance will not cover the cost of treatment. We can accommodate payment plans if that works best for you as well. Once you contact us, we will give you all the details. Contact us at or at 508-989-0021.

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