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Fruits and Vegetables

Accountability Program

Individualized Nutrition Prescription

Prior to entering the Eat Love portal you will meet with one of our dietitians to determine your specific nutrition prescription. Your prescription will then be entered into Eat Love's system.

Track Your Intake

You can track your intake of meals, water, and snacks and this will be directly communicated to our team of dietitians. You can also log in any exercise you did and your current weight. All of this will help with accountability as well as create a clearer picture for our dietitians to follow up with, resulting in more personalized care!

Personalized Preferences

Once you log into Eat Love you will be able to adjust your meal preferences so you will see all of your favorites. With over 7,500 recipes, you will never get bored! Don't worry, any changes that you make will be sure to still fit into your preset nutrition prescription!

Restaurant Integration

If you want to eat out don't worry! Eat Love will pull in menu options from many restaurant chains and guide you toward the options that will still fit within your nutrition prescription. This gives you the confidence to meet your needs even when you are on the go!

Generate Grocery Lists

Once you have your meal plan choices picked out you can automatically generate grocery lists! If you do meal delivery there is compatibility between several grocery stores so you can have your food instantly ordered and delivered right through Eat Love, cutting out the work of planning meals, and grocery shopping!

Affordability and Accountability

See our package options below. For the first month, if you are new to us, we will require a 30-minute appointment to learn your needs and get some background information so that way we can determine the best plan for you. This visit may be covered by insurance, however, if you are joining the subscription program we will offer a cash price for this visit of $100 - an $89 saving from our traditional pricing!

Package Options



Unlock a world of endless possibilities with our exclusive subscription package! For just $30 a month, you gain access to all of the premium content and services offered. Our system will automatically charge your credit card, ensuring a seamless experience. Plus, with automatic renewals, you'll never miss out on all the benefits. Take the first step to a brighter future and subscribe today! Remember, you can cancel anytime with a simple message to our dietitians. Don't wait! Join now and let us do the work for you!


6 Months

For all the benefits listed in the monthly subscribtion including 1 on 1 support when needed, check out the 6-month package. This package grants you access to the program for 6 months. This will be paid upfront at a cost of $150, you will gain access for 6 months but only pay the price of 5!


9 Months

If you purchase the 9-month option you will have access to the program for 9 months. Like the 6-month plan, this is paid upfront. The cost of this plan is $200. Choosing this plan comes out to a savings of $70 compared to the monthly plan. This is like getting over 2 months of the program for free!

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